do not work LMG Animations

Hello everybody. Just want to warn, I do not know English, Google translator saves :D
I want to know if this can be somehow corrected? Or rather how?
I ask those who have faced this.
And yes. The version is not the most up-to-date engine (2012), at the time of creating this theme 2018: S
The essence of the problem is this:
When you create an animation in 3d Max, everything is fine and the skeleton and animation are exported all well, without any complaints.
In the engine in the Locomotion Group Editor everything is set as expected. Image when saving, everything is saved.
I attach the chrparams file of my character. Image it can be seen that under the banner ------- LMG ------
Everything is delivered as expected. Image But how could I not try, it turns out that such a mess Image I APPLY THE FILE .CHR PARAMS MAY THERE I HAVE WHEN.
Here ...

Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0" ?> <Params> <AnimationList> <Animation name="#filepath" path="Animations\Red_Solder"/> <Animation name="$AnimEventDatabase" path="Animations\Red_Solder\Red_Solder.animevents"/> <Animation name="$TracksDatabase" path="Animations\Red_Solder\Red_Solder.dba"/> <Animation name="$Include" path="characters\characters\solder\red_solder_01\red_solder_01.chrparams"/> <Comment value=" -----------COMBAT RUN--------"/> <Animation name="Run_Forward_combat" path="Run_Forward_combat.caf"/> <Animation name="Run_Back_combat" path="Run_Back_combat.caf"/> <Animation name="Run_Right_combat" path="Run_Right_combat.caf"/> <Animation name="Run_Left_combat" path="Run_Left_combat.caf"/> <Comment value=" -----------JUMP--------"/> <Animation name="Jump_Forward" path="Jump_Forward.caf"/> <Animation name="freefallLoop" path="freefallLoop.caf"/> <Animation name="relaxed_jump" path="relaxed_jump.caf"/> <Comment value=" -----------_RELAX--------"/> <Animation name="Run_Forward" path="Run_Forward.caf"/> <Animation name="Run_Back" path="Run_Back.caf"/> <Animation name="Idle_Relax_Combat" path="Idle_Relax_Combat.caf"/> <Comment value=" -----------COMBAT WALK--------"/> <Animation name="Walk_Right_combat" path="Walk_Right_combat.caf"/> <Animation name="Walk_Left_combat" path="Walk_Left_combat.caf"/> <Animation name="Walk_Forward_combat" path="Walk_Forward_combat.caf"/> <Animation name="Walk_Back_combat" path="Walk_Back_combat.caf"/> <Comment value=" -----------ANY ANIMATIONS--------"/> <Animation name="Shield_Block" path="Shield/Shield_Block.caf"/> <Animation name="Explosion_Hit" path="Explosion/Explosion_Hit.caf"/> <Comment value=" ----- LMG ---------"/> <Animation name="_COMBAT_RUN" path="lmg_files/red_Solder_combat.lmg"/> <Animation name="_RELAX_WALK" path="lmg_files/red_Solder_walk.lmg"/> </AnimationList> </Params>

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