Re: can't access animation in anim list

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I'm using Ryse Legionnaire to test character animation, the problem in character tool I can play any animation but i want put into level to test animation with the flow graph, I can't see any animation list in here
How I can fix ? ... PZfm3oSABA

You can use the playanimation node to test the anim. Create new flowgraph add a start node connect it to the playanimation, assign the character entity to that node and choose the animation




Re: can't access animation in anim list

As you see, animation input type is String. Triple "."/choose button is for making finding animation name easier. So, if you even write animation's name there manually, it'll get and play the animation.
As for why it does not pop up character's animation list, it's because you should assign selected entity directly without an entity id node. Despite this, if you still want to use entity id node, after assigning your entity to animation node and choosing your animation name, you can connect your entity id node to animation id input.
That's what you need.

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Re: can't access animation in anim list

Hi there,

If you are using GameSDK you will want to use the Legacy Entity "MannequinEntity", select your CDF for the legionaire and do as you already have, the animations should appear.
If you still have trouble try regenerating Asset Meta Data.
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