Using Mannequin tool in empty C++ project?

Hi there,

I'm currently going through a process of setting up a character in an entirely empty/fresh project. So far I've created the CDF file and created a .bspace that transitions from an idle to a walk animation. My next step is giving functionality to the blendspace with the Mannequin tool.

Every document or tutorial I've seen regarding Mannequin is based on the GameSDK files and how you can change them (very slightly). But nothing on how to use the tool when working with no pre-existing files. I'm trying to trial and error the process by creating my own .xml files but I do not know how to use the tool at all so I can't see if I'm going in the right direction.

Would anyone be able to point me at a useful document/tutorial or, even better, walk me through the process of using Mannequin to be able to use my .cdf and .bspace files for functionality in-game? If I could understand something as simple as "Idle > Move" then everything else would fall into place.

Re: Using Mannequin tool in empty C++ project?

first read ... uide+3.5.9

second import character file , skeleton, animation file and set up in character tool
set up blendspace ;
then set up fragment id and fragment, tag defination, in Mannequin editor

then request fragment id , set tag , queue animation in c++ code

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