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We posted this a couple of times with no answers and we really need your help on this one. Our game is closing in on the final 3 months of development and this bug is so big that we can't release the game unless it's fixed. Please, if you have any idea of what is going on, let us know, thanks!

We have a problem with our animations probably due to some build-in "safety" in CryEngine. Our animation style reminds of stopmotion, but it seems like CryEngine is interpolating frames making it "smooth".

The problem is illustrated in this video

The arms flying every which way is not part of the animation from Maya - what should happen is the parts moving slightly or flipping 180* (left/right).

Re: Animation bug

It kinda looks to me as though there may be some XForm / Pivot / Rigging error.

Have you done the usual:

Reset XForm of Mesh
Ensure Pivot is central and mesh is exported at world 0. (0,0,0)
Checked for any odd, unskinned vertices or bones

Without a source file to look into - this is my best guess I'm afrraid.

Re: Animation bug

Thanks for the replies guys!

okay, so we are using the Maya plugin for 2016 from Cryengine 5.2. HOWEVER, the latest RC won't export our animations, so we had to use an RC from 3.8.x, which confused us even more.

I should say that the issue is not consistant at all. it is only 2-3 scenes out of out 40, that are really messed up (however, every animation does it a tiny amount because we are flipping 2D planes). It happens on all our computers and only for the same 2-3 scenes.

Also, the animations are NOT rigged with joints, but are grouped and exported as CGA files.

We will try to export as a geom cache and see if that helps!

Re: Animation bug

Hi (The animator of the bug here)-
Thanks for the suggestion for using an alembic cache - It might have reduced the artifacts ever so slightly, but that might just be wishful thinking. I have tried dabbling around with the different settings for the geom cache, but it doesn't seem to really affect the result in any notable way.

My current theory is that the problem lies in CryEngine's interpretation of keyframes -> time, where the sudden movements (which is required due to the stop-motion nature of our style) are interpreted wrongly, causing these huge jumps (playing the animation at 10% speed shows that objects being flipped, are thrown to all the corners of the world, before finally resting in the new position).

I have attached the source Maya file, as well as the files exported to CryEngine (.cga as well as .abc): ... m9JNWh3WW8

I am at a loss, as to what causes this issue, and more importantly, how to fix it - So if you have any suggestions, please help, as we have tried pretty much everything we can think of.


Re: Animation bug

The bug seems to be caused by CryEngine's smoothing of the animation - Is there any way to stop it from doing that? E.g. by importing / exporting an uncompressed version, or something?
This issue is a huge headache for me, as I have wasted countless hours trying everything under the sun to solve it, with absolutely zero progress.

Please help!

Re: Animation bug

ok, we just looked into it and are happy to announce a solution to your problem. We used alembic cache as well and did stumble across the same problem as you. However, we could bypass this issue by:

1. rebaking the animation - for this select all meshes (nothing else, no groups, curves - nothing) and bake the animation then
2. as all meshes are still selected, now combine them into ONE mesh
3. now use the CryAbc exporter for that single mesh (not the tools exporter from Maya - I recommend the one latest with the toolset of the engine version you use)
Capture - Copy.PNG
Capture - Copy.PNG (57.27 KiB) Viewed 3444 times ... zVUZDYyU28

hope this helps you solve your problem and progress with your project
best regards from Frankfurt

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