Importing Motus Mocap Animations for use w/SDK Character?

Hey Guys,

I'm still working on trying to get the .icaf files provided in the Zombie Starter animation pack from the Marketplace. I'm able to import the .icaf files and open them up in the Character editor. However, after compressing and assigning the alias skeleton the character does not perform any movement whatsoever.

I'm guessing this is because the Motus animation uses a different skeleton than the SDK Skeleton, so am I supposed to define a new skeleton using the .FBX skeleton they provided?

If I have to use their skeleton, will these animations work with the SDK Characters at all since they use 2 different skeletons?

Sorry for so many questions, been stuck on this for a while. Pic below shows my attempt at importing, feel free to ask for more info or other questions.



Re: Importing Motus Mocap Animations for use w/SDK Character?

It's been a while since I've used the character tool, but the character from the motus animation packs do use a different rig/skeleton, so I believe you can't use the motus animations with the gamesdk character. They use the same model and are compatible with the .cdf used in the first and third person templates.

If you want to use the motus animations with the gamesdk character models, maybe you can bring them into a DCC tool and skin the gamesdk character model to the motus rig.

Re: Importing Motus Mocap Animations for use w/SDK Character?

The Motus rig is definitely different to the GameSDK guy. There's a few ways you can deal with that. I decided to use a simple and free character generating tool to make a new couple of characters, and using Maya and Motionbuilder to re-target the Motus animations onto that new rig. Technically, you could do the same thing to the SDK guy rig if you wanted.

I made a video of all the steps taken to get a fresh Mixamo character into the engine and re-target a huge pile (over 330) of animations onto that rig and export them to the engine.

I did notice the last time I tried this, using the same model, it gave a validation step error on the root (doesn't have zero rotation). If that happens to you, just try and align the local rotation for that node to the Z-Up axis, while keeping the actual rotation also at zero.

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