The Humble Bundle Animation Pack—How To Use?

Sorry for asking this in the same manner as my previous animation question.

I bought the Humble Bundle and noticed all the animations inside (and not just the Ryse ones)—so I'm wondering how to use any of those? I try to integrate it into CryEngine, but I get errors galore. I know I'm missing a step.

Same thing for the buildings and character models in the pack; no idea how to put them into CryEngine. Looked around—kept getting inconsistent methods.

I know there's also a Survival Game Starter Kit inside the pack, but that's for an earlier version of CryEngine; I need login information to enter (same thing for the 3.5 version); is there a way to port anything from that to the present engine? And if not, do any of the Flowgraphs work for the current version?

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