weapon_bone jitter

Hi animation Forum

I had this problem a long time

the weapon_bone jitters
you can in this mov se the weapon jump up and down.
the weapon_bone under Bip01 R Hand
is constrained to a nul that does not move
but exporting the animation you can still see this jitter on the weapon
which is really distracting

I imagine it does it because
Bip01 R Hand is moving and the weapon_bone is not
in between frames there is some interpolation

But I would like to have the weapon stand still like its animation does

WoR animator

Re: weapon_bone jitter

I m 100% sure it s relate to your 3d software
In max it take skill to separate multiple animations that belong to one entity.
Always check to reset xform very very important before go any further
assign controller position and rotation to TCB
remember the first anim is implement with the cga after you give a name for the sacond anim ex: armMove.anm then in your folder you rename the anm with the name of your model ex: man_armMove.anm for cga
when i play the default all anim start or i can use it differently by the naming convention can be something to try

the length of your animations ex: to have 100 frames you go 0 to 99

but search forum for your software

for me It s look very cool and it look realistic and the waepon could turn a bit from both directions with that when you have a confedere coming after you with a baillonnette i m sure the weapon would shake more than that lol

Re: weapon_bone jitter

HI Pierre thx for reply

Yes it is animated in Max - so will look into your reply

This animation is all imported as one animation -
selecting Bip01 and exporting with CRYENGINE Exporter
The rifle does not jitter in 3dsmax but when I import it into Sandbox

ps. thx , hehe yes he would look more nervous if he was attacked

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