Re: How to replace the skeleton of the character?

Unfortunately you can't change the skeleton file which is using in the game engine.If you want, you should have the original source file of the 3d model of character and you need to rig the character using different skeleton from either MAYA or 3D MAX or BLENDER.
You can't change the files because compiled characters have the information about its skeleton.So when you change the skeleton file nothing happens.
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Re: How to replace the skeleton of the character?

Discussions on ripping assets from other games are not allowed on these forums.
Further discussion of this will lead to a locked thread or worse.

As Vishdrck mentioned, if you are using the GameSDK, the SDK character can be re-skinned to a new skeleton with the same structure using the character source file, but the animations will not work or will look very wonky. Not sure what the purpose would be to do this.
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