Getting Motus Zombie Animations to Work in CEAAS?

Hey guys,

I have the Motus Basic Zombie Animation pack with a bunch of i_caf files. Unfortunately these are incompatible with Cryengine 3/CEAAS

I tried using the resource compiler for CEAAS and it always has an error, usally stating that it does not recognize format. Importing them in the character editor or renaming them as .caf files just causes the entire game engine to crash.

Cryengine V resource compiler has no issues, and immediately spits out a .caf file, so It looks like these animations were meant for CryEngine V only

Anyone have any advice or experience to get these i_caf files working in CEAAS?

Thank you!

Re: Getting Motus Zombie Animations to Work in CEAAS?


this requires usage of converting your i_cafs to Motion Analysis ".htr" file format in CRYENGINE Character Tool and retargeting the htr motion files to your character rig in MotionBuilder. This is very complex and you should know how to re-orient your animation, rig, etc. and best use Python for MotionBuilder to script this workflow.

Unfortunately, we don't have "in-engine" animation retargeting.

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