How CryEngine play animation on mouse click?

i have problem with problem is that i don't know how we can say that which animation must be played when player want to shoot.
in Unity3D we say is like this:

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if(input.MouseButtonDown(0)){ SpawnBullet(); Animation.PlayClip("ShootAnimation"); }
example in CryEngine:
in GameSDK -> i made ak47 weapon and made 2 animations (shoot animation name is: ShootClip,reload animation name is: ReloadClip) then i made copy of Rifle.xml file and changed it to my weapon values but i can't change animations to my own animation clips.
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Re: How CryEngine play animation on mouse click?

GameSDK is coded using C++.
A lot of this is hard coded against specific systems. If you want to change a system you will need to dig into the GameSDK source code.
The best way to add a weapon to the GameSDK is to use an existing weapon and customize it.

There is a tutorial for CE3 that should be very similar if not the same for weapons in CE5 GameSDK: ... 5&t=126045

Without using GameSDK you will want to check out the first person shooter template for an example on playing animation fragments.
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