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Hello, we investigating CryEngine's animations and meet some unobvious things.

1) Is there anyway to setup 'mixing transforms' (to apply animations only on upper body for example, the analogue of 'avatar mask' in Unity)?
2) Cannot run two fragments with different scopes simulteniously. We use next method from CryEngine and it seems that the latest fragment is stopped

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virtual void QueueFragmentWithId(const FragmentID& fragmentId) { if (m_pAnimationContext == nullptr) { return; } if (m_pActiveAction) { m_pActiveAction->Stop(); } const int priority = 0; m_pActiveAction = new TAction<SAnimationContext>(priority, fragmentId); m_pActionController->Queue(*m_pActiveAction); }
3) As we understand, the main CryEngine's approach is based on additive layers that means that animation fragment looks ugly in preview window due to it contains only relative transforms. Is ordinary pipeline based on that approach?
4) Quick question. Scope is only a marker for layers to group and operate them. Is that so?

Re: Animation workflow


I'll try my best to answer all of those.

1. Applying animations to specific parts of the body only are done through additive animations. CRYENGINE animations are done in layers, so the first layer 0 would be used to host your base animation or pose, and then you could use another layer to apply an animation specific to a body part. Here's some info on that: ... Animations

2. That is by design. The AdvancedAnimationComponent only has one ActionController, and only one Action can be run per controller. Typically, you don't try and have more than one of these, or have two completely different fragments trying to be run at the same time. Could you share an example of what you're trying to do? Maybe a better approach can be found.
Here's a link on some more info: ... cal+Topics

3. I don't quite understand this question, sorry. What is meant with the preview window looking ugly?

4. Layers and Tags. Here's some more info: ... uin+Scopes

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