Sound Occlusion Problem

I'm trying to occlude sounds between floors more than through walls. I've placed a new material between floors with an occlusion setting of 1, while most other materials are set to 0.2. I have placed an audio trigger spot on the room above to test.

The problem is that when another material is inbetween the floor occluder and the camera, the occlusion value doesn't take into account both materials, instead it only reads the value of the nearest material (in this case 0.2). I have made a video to show what I mean. (The floor occluder is the red surface).

Re: Sound Occlusion Problem

There are two things that could potentially cause this behavior.
On the path rays encounter objects/materials with either no surface type assigned or a "pierceability" of 0. Those are then considered to be "solid" and ray-casting stops there.
Can you clarify that this is not the case in your setup?

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