Setting up an occlusion area inside a Audio Area Entity

Hi Everyone,

I am looking to set up an occlusion area with a low pass filter within ambience area.

I have the following set up:
Audio_Occlusion_1.png (798.1 KiB) Viewed 7003 times
I have 2 Rtpc variables for the sound:
Amb_Fade (0-1) (standard fade in) for the larger blue area
Occulision (0-1) (low pass filter) for the smaller red area

With the larger volume (blue) I want to have set the Amb_Fade Rtpc (works fine as per tutorials)
With the smaller volume (red) I want to set the Occulsion Rtpc.

Following the examples - setting up the fade in Rtpc was straight forward. However, when I try to link the 2nd red area to the same AAE to adjust the Occlusion Rtpc it does not seem to work.

How do you adjust 2 Rptc parameters with different AudioAreaEntity Regions with the same ambient sound? Or is this not possible and do I need to do it a different way.


Re: Setting up an occlusion area inside a Audio Area Entity

Hi Denis,
Is this with a custom project or GameSDK?
Also which engine build are you running?

I have two pictures here of the setup you peobably are looking for.
This is the area setup I propose. Each area has its own AAE setup.
areasetup1.png (808.44 KiB) Viewed 6980 times
And the corresponding FG setup. Note that the second RTPC Node is assigned to the first AAE to drive the occlusion there.
fgsetup1.png (37.87 KiB) Viewed 6980 times

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