Finding the entity script

In the documentation it says "To enable character based Foleys and Footsteps requires "CharacterSounds" entries inside the Entity Lua script.", but when I choose the first person template, I can't find the Lua script for the first person entity. Is there any, or do I need to create a new one? I've set up all materials and footsteps scripts, but still I get the "Failed to find material for footstep sound" as I can not figure out where to add the Entity Script part.

Re: Finding the entity script


Thanks for the replies!

This was when I opened a empty project with the first person template in 5.4. I don't really understand where you can edit parameters for the character in that game? I managed to find the entity script in the SDK project, but it didn't have much code in it?

This is probably me being a noob at Cryengine, as it's the first time I'm trying it out. But maybe the question should be: how would you go about setting up the "Character Sounds" info on a player that is for instance not controlled by .Lua? Is there an easy way to do that?

I've set up all the events in the animations, and also created the parts in the MaterialEffects script and made a player_footsteps and footsteps script in FXLibs. So I think the only thing I need to solve, is how to communicate the "footstepEffect = "footstep_player"" and "remoteFootstepEffect = "footstep"" to those scripts?

Re: Finding the entity script

I've read up upon it now, and it seems like I have to create a Schematyc entity that detects the collision. However, then I will probably need to attach it to a joint on the character, trough the Flow Graph at game start?

The problem I have with this, is that if there's going to be a lot of different actors that has footstep sounds, I will need to attach a entity to each foot of each character, at the game start. Wouldn't it be easier to get this working trough the animation events?

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