FMOD Initialisation Issue

Hi All,

I'm new to Cry Engine (I'm using 5.4 release). So I'm hoping it's something simple that I'm missing.

Most of the time, when I try to initialise FMOD with
s_AudioImplName = CryAudioImplFmod

I get this error:
[Assert] Condition: m_controls.empty() [line 226] [File=D:/jk/gamesdk_release/Code/Sandbox/Plugins/EditorAudioControlsEditor/AudioAssetsManager.cpp]
Even though it says this, the FMOD banks/folders show up in the ACE and in Audio Debug it says "AudioTransitionLayer with null-implementation"...

Once, it did get over said assertion (although I'm not sure how) and then proceeded to load. It was then unable to load/read any XML in the FMOD Project folder.

Any ideas?

Many Thanks,

Re: FMOD Initialisation Issue

Hi Sam,

unfortunately I wasn't able to reproduce your issue. Neither in the GameSDK (5.4. testing in Sandbox & Full Game) nor creating a new project using the blank template (5.4. testing Sandbox).
In all cases, having 's_AudioImplName=CryAudioImplFmod' added to my user.cfg Fmod Studio Version 1.09.06 did initialize correctly.

Could it be a version mismatch?


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