Vegetation Collision Sounds

I'm using CryEngine 5.3.4.

I had some collision sounds working for characters moving through vegetation. This was done by adding the names of the vegetation meshes to vegetation.xml in Assets\libs\MaterialEffects\FXLibs. I even had the collision speed RTPC hooked up to the sound and it was working nicely.

Now it's not working at all, even though no-one in my team has touched this stuff. I was wondering if this feature has been changed in any way? If not then it narrows it down to something our side, but it would be helpful if anyone has any knowledge of this.


Re: Vegetation Collision Sounds

Ok so I have it working now and I think I can take it from here with the parameters etc, but I just want to make sure I'm using the sound event in the right way. The documentation says the sound event needs to be looping, and the density and object speed parameters should drive the sound.

Does that mean that the sound event needs to be active continuously, even when not in vegetation? I've found that if the event isn't looping and it stops, it doesn't trigger again when entering vegetation. With my looping sound I have it working so that no audio plays if you're not in vegetation (density = 0), but that means the event is still active the whole time? Is that right?


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