Re: Curiosity about Miles Sound System

CE supports a lot of sound system and more to come. If you dont want to use wwise, fmod and adx2 (5.6) you can always use PortAudio or SDLMixer. Those two doesnt require external audio editors.

You have to contact RAD Game Tools for a price quote. Think its expensive.
Is PortAudio suitable for large projects?
Or just like SDLMixer?
Does PortAudio have audio effects (APIs)?

Re: Curiosity about Miles Sound System

PortAudio is even more basic than SDL Mixer, it plays a sound, that's it. SDLMixer atleast gives you volume control and panning / attenuation. If you have a project that requires some more control it's either Wwise, FMOD Studio or the upcoming ADX2 (with 5.6). Personally i prefer FMOD Studio becouse of easy of use and a very nice licensing system for indie developers that doesn't have a big budget. It's free if your budget is below $500000 and you can have one title per year. It's very indie friendly.

Also Wwise, FMOD Studio and ADX2 gives you audio banks with either MP3 or OGG Vorbis compression.

So the ranking would be something like this :

  • Wwise
  • ADX2 (5.6)
  • FMOD Studio
  • Miles Sound System (5.7)
  • SDL Mixer
  • Port Audio

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