FMOD Volume Sound

When I change the sound volume parameter in the menu, the volume in the engine changes, but when the engine is restarted, the volume is reduced to zero, but the value does not change in the menu. How to fix it?

I connect a FMOD Studio parameter (e.g. volume_sfx) inside the Audio Controls Editor to RTPC Audio Controls.

Re: FMOD Volume Sound

This would usually be handled by the Player Profile Attributes, when the user chooses a volume the profile attributes would get updated to the new value and read during a level load/game restart.
You can get hold of player profile attributes using the Flow Graph node PlayerProfile:ProfileAttribute or in C++ using the Player Profile System.
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Re: FMOD Volume Sound

you may also want to attempt at binding MIller Puckette's Pure Data or Supercollider, both opensource, to Cryengine, for the sake of audio prototyping, specially in what regards to procedural audio. that can be easily done as both are based in c++ and communicate via opensoundcontrol

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