sound not playing in game launcher (wwise)

I've got a problem where sound isn't playing in the game launcher (it plays just fine in editor), which is weird because I didn't have a problem with this before. I have an older level that had sound playing just fine before in the launcher, but now when launching it, sound plays for a second or two then cuts out. This is an older level that also didn't go through any changes whatsoever.

I also have a newer level that I hadn't tested in the game launcher with sound before, and this one doesn't play sound at all. The sound plays as expected in the editor.

I'm on WWIse v2017.1.2 build 6361.

Re: sound not playing in game launcher (wwise)

Right, in the first level, I have an Audio Ambience Area with a play trigger. The spawnpoint is inside the box area so it plays automaticlaly on spawn, no FG. What's TV?

The 'trigger' in ace is linked to this event in wwise:
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Literally nothing changed regarding the setup in wwise or cryengine though, for the first level.

In the second level, I have an AAA tied to a box area that plays music. The box area doesn't cover the whole area of play but I set the fade-in distance really high (like 30000) because I want it to play globally. The music in WWise is inside a music switch container and I'm using states to switch between playlist containers.
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I'm using FG to trigger them using the audio;switch node. I'd post some snips of my setup in Cryengine but I literally just broke my project..

Re: sound not playing in game launcher (wwise)

TV = TrackView
If you want to play music globally I recommend to do that via FG and use the switch and RTPC nodes to manipulate it further but if your setup works it's fine too I guess.

Do I understand correctly that you're talking about the ambience provided by the AAA setup that you mentioned? That ambience plays in Editor but not in Launcher?

Re: sound not playing in game launcher (wwise)

Oh hey I actually think I might know the issue with my newer level. I'm doing layer switching and I forgot to activate my audio layer in FG, I'm going to try that right now.

Edit: yes, that's what I'm talking about.

Edit2: Yep that was it, I just forgot to unhide my audio layer at game:start. It works perfectly now in launcher. Thank you for your time thomas!

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