FMOD Initialization Error

Hi there,

Just trying to do some sound tests with FMOD.

When I add s_AudioImplName = CryAudioImplFmod in the system.cfg file I get the following assert with a clean new project:

Condition: fmodResult == FMOD_OK [line 997] [File=D:/jk/gamesdk_release/Code/CryEngine/CryAudioSystem/implementations/CryAudioImplFmod/AudioImpl.cpp]

Sound does not work at all in the example level unless I remove this line. :(

Any thoughts?

Re: FMOD Initialization Error

I think you need to use FMOD Studio 1.09. Not 1.10.04. It depends on what FMOD SDK the engine is built for. I had to downgrade too. FMOD Studio 1.10 was released after 5.4 came out. I think the upcoming CRYENGINE 5.5 will have FMOD Studio 1.10 support.

s_AudioLoggingOptions = abc should show the exact version SDK number.

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