Actionscript 2.0 reupload for non CS6 users

Hi guys I have an issue with UI development:

Currently I am learning how to make an UI with FlashDevelop and Vectorian Giotto for the Cryengine since I am a student who does not own a CS6 license yet , as you may know only Actionscript 2.0 is supported by the Cryengine. I tried to download the Legacy Actionscript 2.0 project templates which are required to develop an UI with Actionscript 2.0 for the Cryengine from the FlashDevelop Forum, but unfortunately the link seems to be broken: ... s-1.01.fdz .

(This is the thread where the link is situated at the bottom of the page btw: ... 11&t=10951, I already created a thread on the FlashDevelop forum but I did not get any replies yet).

My question therefore to You is: If anyone of you is still in possession of these Legacy AS2 project templates and works with FlashDevelop, could you maybe reupload them somewhere please? I would be very thankful for you otherwise I fear the people who can't afford Adobe Professional CS6 will not have a free alternative to study UI development for the Cryengine anymore .

btw sorry that I created this thread wrongly on the community archive section before, I was not familliar with the new Cryengine Forum structure yet

Re: Actionscript 2.0 reupload for non CS6 users

Why don't you use CS5.5 or older free version of the CS that was called Macromedia Flash 8 - I've tested that myself and UI assets made in there work with the Cryengine :)
As far as I know you can only try Macromedia Flash 8 free for 30 days then you need to buy it as well :/ . I just downloaded it again and chose the 30 day trial version, is there really a version which is free?

Re: Actionscript 2.0 reupload for non CS6 users

You won't be able to pay for it. This program does not exist anymore. I have it still working after almost a year.
Oh that's very nice indeed :) , the .fla files from the Cryengine Flash Assets directory don't seem to be compatible with it though (ERROR: unexpected file format), but hey at least you can create your own UI Elements with it. However I doubt you can ship a game with Flash 8 assets when you don't have an official license for it, is this software public domain or GNU now by any chance?

Re: Actionscript 2.0 reupload for non CS6 users

So, if anyone wonders if this is possible to create UI system for free (and LEGALLY!, so you can use it commercially if you want!) WITHOUT USING FLASH CS, or Macromedia flash etc. I found the solution. Maybe more advanced of you already knew that, but I never tried that before and I have never seen any tutorials or even single info about that.

Flash Develop! I managed to get it work with Cryengine, completely without flash. At all. I will record series of tutorials about that soon, and will post it here, so keep in touch!
Cryengine tutorial videos on my Youtube channel! Check it out !

Re: Actionscript 2.0 reupload for non CS6 users

For those of you still searching for AS2 Legacy Project Templates to use with FlashDevelop (and to work with fury22uk's wonderful tutorials): ... s-1.01.fdz

While the link does not work on the FlashDevelop website download link (nor does it even exist for newer versions), nothing can be truly hidden in Github once it is made public. Of course, once you download it, just double click the .fdz archive, and reopen FlashDevelop. It should now have ActionScript 2.0 templates in the new project section. Enjoy

As an aside, I have heard whispers of AS2 being phased out in CryEngine. Dunno how truthful those whispers were though, but be mindful of newer tech anyways.

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