It's only accessible via code for now. Not sure what it's for, most likely accessing URL's from a game? Retrieving info from a file located online perhaps? Accessing Release Notes and displaying them in game?

Proper UI Pipeline integrated with CryEngine itself

Hey folks,

I was wondering if there will be any sort of proper UI System like in other GameEngines e.g. Unity, that allows a Designer or even Programmer to setup simple UI within the SandBox Editor?
Somehow I think that the existing way of creating custom UI is pretty unconvenient. I mean first of all you need like the Animation Software from adobe to get even started to design UI, then one have to write xml code for the UI Elements to even get the files into the engine, which could be easily automated I guess? Developing UI feels more like a workaround and personally I think it´s no miracle that the HUNT Showdown game hasn´t had proper UI in the early stages :D. I dont just want to rant, I just would like to know if I should start to write my own simple UI Implementation that gives me the ability to prototype a proper UI with a simple WYSIWIG Editor, or if I should rather wait for some official Crytek Tool, because there might be a solution for this in the pipeline for a future engine version? Im rather concerned that a solution given by one or more persons of the community would at some point lack of support. Because obviously the least people would provide constant support on such projects. As the dude from the Youtube video (UI Fury) even pointed out that he hadn´t the time to furthe develop and update his code on a regular basis.

I think the CryEngine has huge potential, but it´s just pretty darn annoying that one is forced to use a certain Program to design UI elements. So will there be any Tools integrated in late versions of the CryEngine or is this just something that we have to deal with on our own?

And if Crytek Stuff is reading this, wouldn´t a proper UI editor save a lot of time and money and wouldn´t you benefit from this pretty much too?

Just wanted to put out my thoughts about this topic.


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