Scaleform license once and for all

Just wanted to find out. What about that? I know, adobe flash is paid, and if I don't find free software, I'll have to purchase flash. Fine. But even if editor is free, swf->gfx files are still handled by scaleform am I right? So what about the commercial projects? Does autodesk charge extra for that? How does it look like? I know that GFXVideo has paid license. But what about simple menus and huds?
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Re: Scaleform license once and for all

Yes you can use it commercially. That's the nice thing about the license in CRYENGINE. No additional costs when using Scaleform. Except for Scaleform Video that is.
Yes, and that is painful. I've sent official enquiry myself and got response from them stating that I should have both licenses. Licensing changed and it starts with $7000 + circa $2000 maintenance or something similar. In total it can add up to $20k so it's definitely not the solution. Many people here stated here that you can use GFX but docs say otherwise... so it's not really confirmation, just assumption.
Some say it's different version of GFX and you can use it but it would be good if someone from Crytek staff would confirm it once for all. As with Scaleform - they clearly said I will need licenses so it's a big risk to rely purely on forum answers from forum member, not official Crytek employees .

If that's needed externally that would pretty much kill the CE in many indiee devs eyes.

There are some alternatives (HTML5) - Chrom... something - I've seen docs and it's pretty limited and I guess it's aimed to launch 'browser' like interface.. However it's worth checking other options.
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Re: Scaleform license once and for all

Cool, Collin didn't specify if this was about commercial projects too, so I'll wait for him or other Crytek member to answer here. It's very important.
I would also be interested in official answer from Crytek whether we can use GFX at least.

In case someone is interested here are the licenses with rough costs. These are the prices I got from AD around 2 months ago so they may look slightly different:

Autodesk® SCALEFORM® License – Casual $10,000
Autodesk® SCALEFORM® Casual Maintenance Plan – New $2000
Autodesk® SCALEFORM® Video Component License $7,000

then renewing is $2000k per year so you'd better speed up with your project :)
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Re: Scaleform license once and for all


This pertains to commercial projects as well. The one thing you wont be provided is the Scaleform SDK to add onto the code base. This is the luxury you get if you pay the full amount for the license. As also stated prior you will need to purchase a license for video support which is separate. I am seeing what I can do about that though in the meantime. Enjoy Scaleform in the engine free on our implementation since we pick up the tab for you guys instead of making you cough up the fees.



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