Visibility in UI Elements as Dynamic Texture (Cryengine 5.5.2)

As a dynamic texture i use a swf File with a simple Rect in it.
In Flash I converted the Rect to a Movie and give a Name.
Now i want to make the rect invisible but Nothing on dynamic Texture happens.

In Flash i use Myrect._visible = false;

Changing the Color of this Rect is no Problem.
Also I can change the _alpha , but not " _alpha = 0" !!!

Any ideas or is this not possible or a Bug?
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Re: Visibility in UI Elements as Dynamic Texture

using 2d map texture type? you need to use the flashInvoke node to activate this with 5.5, just query search for FlashInvoke in Flowgraph.
To show the Flash File on a plane i use flash invoke. I have posted a File here in forum to show how to do this!
Works great!

My functions in the Flash file i access with c# via
Common.IUIElement.CallFunction This also works perfectly!
I can change colors and text and all other stuff on this dynamic 2D texture!

But i can not make objects or Movies invisible in my Flash File .

Do i have to use FlashInvoke to make things visible or not?
I can try this. Is there a way to do this from c# without reading the Flash Invoke function in c++?

Edit: I have tryed FlashInvoke in Flowgraph to hide Objects in Flash Movie on a 2d map texture type and also nothing happens!
If i test my Flash Movie without cryengine Objects are visible or invisible by hitting the function !

I will make and upload a little Project to show this problem...

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