Exporting blender model into cryengine

I’m having an issue when my built model is exported into cryengine. My model looks fine in blender but once I export it into cryengine, it ends up having not looking like the model I built. I’ve done just an fbx model. And I’ve also used cryblend making a csg file and fbx file as well. Does anyone know how to fix my problem.
This one is exported into cryengine. Don’t know why the opening to the sewer pipe has a triangle face to it
F8D943BF-2884-4525-8267-F9BFA443707F.jpeg (2.88 MiB) Viewed 2323 times
This model is in blender
55DF5D21-4816-4A73-899B-527AEDD65DDE.jpeg (3.05 MiB) Viewed 2323 times

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