Morph targets/blendshapes not playing back in animations

I've been able to export my morphs to the engine and can play with them using the Override Weights option, but, despite having followed these two pages to a tee (as far as I can tell), the morphs will not play back in my custom animations. I've done the parameter linking, the blendWeightVertex nodes are parented to the root bone, and I can see said nodes moving along their X axes in the Character Tool, but my character is not morphing.

I tried using the sample assets provided in and, and the head provided has the exact same issue (I can manipulate the morphs with Override Weights in the Character Tool, but they won't animate).

Is the documentation missing any important information? Could it be an issue with 5.3 itself? Could anyone else who does have them working post here so I know whether or not I'm the only one having this issue?

Re: Morph targets/blendspaces not playing back in animations

Do you have software skinning turn on in attachment properies?
Yep. If I didn't, I wouldn't be able to Override Weights.
If you decrease value on cvar ca_vaBlendCullingThreshold from 1 to lower value do you see changes on mesh?
Didn't work unfortunately, but thanks for the idea.
I've seen these, but you'll also notice that he doesn't go over animations, he only plays with the Override Weights.
The YouTube videos you yourself just linked are from 2016, for CE V. :?

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