So,Older version of the node is missing?Where is “Actor->SetPlayerModel”?

Read a lot of tutorials, official, unofficial. Are saying how to import their own models, but did not say how to replace the player model, are to replace the NPC model, who knows? Please do not say how to create a model, how to bind, I would like to know how to replace themselves, NOT NPC, IS PLAYER,the new project player replaced, and gun, replaced by official resources that or their own model。。

“Actor->SetPlayerModel” is miss。Have to use other methods。

Re: So,Older version of the node is missing?Where is “Actor->SetPlayerModel”?

CEntityRender::LoadCharacter(int nSlot, const char* sFilename, int nLoadFlags)

int CEntityRender::LoadParticleEmitter(int nSlot, IParticleEffect* pEffect, SpawnParams const* pParams, bool bPrime, bool bSerialize)

int CEntityRender::LoadVolumeObject(int nSlot, const char* sFilename)

int CEntityRender::LoadGeomCache(int nSlot, const char* sFilename)

int CEntityRender::LoadLight(int nSlot, CDLight* pLight, uint16 layerId)

int CEntityRender::LoadGeometry(int nSlot, const char* sFilename, const char* sGeomName, int nLoadFlags)

GetEntity()->LoadGeometry(0, m_pAmmoParams->fpGeometryName.c_str());
GetEntity()->SetSlotLocalTM(0, m_pAmmoParams->fpLocalTM);

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