Controlling different part of the body - Mannequin, Scopes

Hi. I need some help with importing character to Cryengine. I read all documentation about Mannequin, setting up character, scopes and so on.
I already succesfuly imported character into Cryengine, with blendspaces. Everything works just fine.
Now I am trying to understand how Scope system works. I want to be able to control different parts of the body, like FullBody, LowerBody, Head separately. I think that the Scopes are what I am looking for, but I have trouble understanding them. I created them in my controllerdefs.xml file, and I can see them when I edit some FragmentIDs, but there is always only one scope active in mannequin. When I press on "Include Scope" it suddenly disapears. I can have only one scope active at the time. I don't know what am I doing wrong.

Second question is.. when I sort out the first issue, in order to make system aware what part of the body is "LowerBody" or "Head" should I implement that in C++? And how? I am not asking for the full solution, just for the hints, I know C++ quite good, just don't know where to begin.

Thank you !

Re: Controlling different part of the body - Mannequin, Scopes

Alright! I got that figured out!
The way I did it is....

When exporting animation out of Maya, in Crytek exporter I choose only joints that are affected by animation like for example left and right arm. That way when animations are already imported into Cryengine nothing but choosen joint get affected. So in Mannequin Editor I set another layer of animation in certain situations (using Tags), and it works exactly as I wanted.

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