How to manage lod and materials ?

Hi all,

I'm modeling a shipping container and I loose my mind trying to deal with lod and materials

The container is composed with 6 differents cgf files for each parts:
1 - Main part
2 - Side Back
3 - Side Left
4 - Side Right
5 - Door Left
6 - Door right

Materials on parts are organized like this:

1 - Main part have 1 material
2 - Side Back, side left and side right share an other material
3- Door Left and door Right share an other material
So I have a total of 3 materials for the 6 parts/cgf

Each of these 3 materials are setting like the picture below: meaning 1 sub material for lod 0, 1 sub material for lod 1, 1 sub material for lod 2, 1 sub material for the proxy
For the last lod (LOD2) I want that all the separated cgf share a unique material with one unique set of textures is it possible ? and how ?

In other words is it possible to attribute 1 unique material and texture to all my cgf for their lod2 ?

Re: How to manage lod and materials ?

Looks cool, setting up good lods are really an art on its own. I usually try to cut the material count by half each lod just like vertex numbers. As well as shader complexity with no normals or any additional maps and texture sizes for better memory consumption.

Still it would be good if we could able the reference materials manually. I sometimes end up with materials with large sub material count, usually some of them dublicated somewhere.

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