Skinny/Stretched character from Maya

Hi everyone! I ran into some trouble exporting custom character from maya 2016 to Cryengine V. In previous versions of CE it worked the way I do it usually, but now I am confused. I am not sure whether I am doing something wrong, or there is something wrong with my Cryengine.

I just make any 3D model character, rig it, export chr file as always it exports properly and I can see raw skeleton in character tool, with the joint names. But when I add .skin files my issue begins. Everything should be fine with my .skin files but I don't know why when I include them in my .cdf file, my character is somehow stretched/being skinny. Is this known issue? Any ideas?

There are two screens :
In Maya:
Right.jpg (60.26 KiB) Viewed 562 times
In Cryengine's Character Tool(In game too):
NotRight.jpg (149.59 KiB) Viewed 562 times
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Re: Skinny/Stretched character from Maya


That wasn't difficult. I am sory for posting such a thing here and correcting myself a couple of minutes later.
This topic may stay though, in the end I will share what was the reason for that kind of weird thing to happen.

All bones of your skeleton MUST have scale x, y and z == 1. None of bones can have scale higher than 1. So simple.
Cryengine tutorial videos on my Youtube channel! Check it out !

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