Free statue, Undead dragon, scorpion monster all 50% off Coupons for Cryengine users

Hi guys :D,

I have a free greek statue asset for you (3 LODs LOD0 12066, LOD1 6444, LOD2 3368) XD
Image Get it at:
[link removed]

Also check our new dragon, zombie dragon and scorpion monster out:
Image Image Image
We're running the Grand Opening Sale, it's 30% off for all items, but for Cryengine users, please use this coupon code:


to get 50% off prices (valid in 3 days only) XD What are you waiting for, go to

[link removed]

and get those models now! :D
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Re: Free statue, Undead dragon, scorpion monster all 50% off Coupons for Cryengine users

As Lavizh has mentioned it would be highly appreciated if you could add these assets to the marketplace, they would be very worthy additions as they are impressive creations!

Unfortunately as per our forum rule:
Never post links to external sale-sites or downloads for your assets or anything else; no matter if they are commercial or non-commercial. Please use the CRYENGINE marketplace to distribute your goods instead. Links to the marketplace in advertisement posts for your own offers are ok - but those belong to the Marketplace forum, exclusively.
Please read through the forum guidelines in detail, you can find them here: viewtopic.php?f=60&t=6

I have taken the liberty of removing the offending material (External links) from your post.
Please refrain from posting links to external 3rd party sites for assets in future.

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