Unsplitting .dds file types?

Howdy, so I've recently gotten into looking at crytek game files and whatnot and attempting to either export them into Nvidia Texture Viewer or try to import them into Cryengine themselves. Except I've run into one major problem, 90% of all the .dds files are split up, and I've searched everywhere on how to unsplit them but I've had no luck.

An example of what a "split" .dds file is would be like:


And all of these files would make up one texture, and Nvidia Textures explorer doesn't like files like this, so is there a way you can unsplit them and either have them converted to a .tif file or even just bundle them up into one .dds file?


Re: Unsplitting .dds file types?

The DDS files are split for increased streaming performance from disk. If you need to reexport the texture you need the original TIF file. Last thing you want to do is to work from a compressed file as you loose a lot of header data. Always use the original master TIF.

Re: Unsplitting .dds file types?

Hi JakeJeeperjinks,
as Lavizh has described - working with dds files without source is not advisable.

However what is even less advisable is ripping assets which are not shared publicly.
We do not support discussions on how to do so with our or any other products.
You are welcome to model anything as fan art for Hunt or be inspired by its assets, but
don't try to rip any models, textures or any other assets, please.

You can find plenty of free assets on our Marketplace here - including those produced by our artists!

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