Cryengine does't see assets in the assets folder.

So I am real begginer to cryengine with some experience in unity and unreal engine and I am having my first big problem that i can't really find solution to. When i add assets from the GameSDK library to my project folder (assets) ( i added terrains ) cryengine doesn't see any new stuff. It only sees the old files that were in the folders before. I am refreshing and trying everything for it to finally scan and find it but it I just really wrap my head around it. What's interesting is that when i add these assets but not categorized in folders (just put some asset file in the main terrains folder) i starts to find them (???). Anoyne knows solution to this one? Thanks.

Re: Cryengine does't see assets in the assets folder.

Hi chlopRadar,

Can you elaborate if you are trying to add Textures or Heightmap data?
Please be aware that CRYENGINE uses an Asset Browser System. This makes use of ".cryasset" files.
In GameSDK these cryasset files are included in a separate PAK file, usually under the same directory structure.

Sandbox should detect files being placed during runtime though, so while sandbox is open, copying files into the assets directory should trigger Sandbox to generate the CryAsset metadata for it. If this is not the case please let us know exactly which file and where you put it. (Assuming latest version of CRYENGINE of course). Then we can try to replicate the issue and investigate.
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