how to make a material has 2 forms?

Did somebody found ,there are two models named "canyon_rock_e_wall.cgf" and "canyon_rock_e_moss.cgf".
These two models exactly look the same."canyon_rock_e_wall.cgf" is a rock,and "canyon_rock_e_moss.cgf"is a rock coverd with moss.
But they use the same material named"canyon_rock_e_wall" .
How does this work?

Re: how to make a material has 2 forms?

Not got the sdk assets installed but from memory 1 may be an overlay for the other or just a variation. There different ways to make variations to models, one would be the use of vertex painting and blending two different materials together ... +Cryengine.

blend layers

Another way is to overlay polygons over the top with different textures as in this moss setup ... yered+Moss

Using one material and same textures cuts down on draw calls.
Custom Assets ... /962794121

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