Touch bendable grass set up.

Trying to make touch blendable grass in 3ds max. So this is what i've done so far and hope cryengine community can answer few doubts i have.
Image 1. I am aiming for touch blendable grass. Should i make individual grass or a patch? (thats why i have shape called radius. For grass patch).
2. Is mesh setup correct for .fbx export? I have grass mesh, dummies to bend, and cube collision. I am not sure if i have to attach collision to mesh to main mesh.
3. Should i apply material to collision mesh?

Re: Touch bendable grass set up.

Hey man, if you want to have touch bendable grass is it an option to use Automerge? That would be the best way to handle it I believe. This will also allow your grass to be interacting with the advance breeze generation system as well.

If you can use Automerged for your grass, you don't really need the proxies, I myself have never used them, all you have to do is follow the documentation for the touch bending (You already have by the looks of it.) And export the grass.

Then you just check automerged and paint your grass.

This is my export setup and it works perfectly

Results In-Engine: ... kpaNVBHY2c

If you still have issues I can do up a quick tutorial for you.

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