Clothes for characters, general idea.

Hi. I was wondering how's that vision achieved by professionals(in Cryengine of course).
I am aware that there are multiple ways to achieve that, but I am not sure which way to go.

For example in RPG games, where player can change his clothes, armor etc. What would be the best way to achieve it with Cryengine. And please don't send me links to attachment system etc, because I know of its existance and I know how to use it.

Two things are coming to my mind.
1. Attachment system.
So simply animating each armor/other element of clothing along with the character and exporting it as .skin, then just easily attaching it from c++
Which is also part of attachment system. Although as far as I know VCloth is cool for longer clothes like capes or for example for endings of clothes (like sleeves) . I don't think that creating i.e. whole t-shirt using vcloth will be efficient and it may look weird at some point.

Which is the more professional way of doing this ?
I have knowledge of how to achieve both of those visions. This topic is just to help with the general idea.

Also the other question is what about clothes that consist of many parts. For example how to achieve naturally looking armor, which separately covers player's shoulders, separately chest and so on. I know this can be achieved by using .skin, but then parts would possibly go through each other, without colliding. Is the only way to achieve that perfect animating that?

Let's discuss this topic!
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Re: Clothes for characters, general idea.

I think, yes, attachment system is the choice for most of the clothes. VCloth is good when you really have to simulate for example a long cloak. The thing is than VCloth consumes much more resources of your PC, than just attached meshes. Also lot's of game makers cut the character, so when for example character wear trousers, there are no legs mesh as far as legs polys are hidden inside trousers anyway, so there's no need to have in on the scene. Just optimisation.

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