Hair and Fur Rendering

Hello all,

So my game will rely heavily on the rendering and appearance of Fur as the main character is a fox. I'm looking for a realistic render. However I am aware of the difficulty that goes with rendering fur.
As it stands I plan on using Unreal Engine to develop and build my game with because of the integration with Nvidia Hairworks. However, a lot of people complain that Hairworks really does not look that great. To be honest I would much rather CE, the lighting and illumination is superior to UE4. At the end of the day, whichever engine visually renders fur the best is the one I want to go with.

What does CE currently offer for rendering fur? I saw the documentation and it meantioned using a plugin called ornatrix.

As it stands I used 3DS Max's Hair and Fur modifier. Will the engine be able to render the fur after using Hair and Fur modifier or will further modifications be needed?

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