Re: How to change player skin in GameSDK?

in CryEngine 5 i want to change player skin. i have a player model (FBX) and this model rigged and textured. i can import it with character tool but i cannot change player's skin.
is it possible to do this?
to change a player skin u need to go into left panel in character tool and select or add a new skin attachment, is your player rigged on sdk default skeleton?




Re: How to change player skin in GameSDK?

my character has standard human rig but has not GameSDK skeleton.
where i can download default skeleton??
این رو دانلود کن ببین داخل این فایل است یا نه؟
Take a look at this ...
نسخه های قبلی این فایل قبلا داشت
یه نگاه کن.
یا سورس کد نسخه 3.8.6 رو دانلود کن توش موجوده

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