Too many objects in scene - Shander Manager error (MAX_REND_SHADER_RESOURCES)

When i upload several thousand objects in level, I get an error, in which materials are not displayed for some objects and for subsequent imported.
This error (warning):
[Warning] ERROR: CShaderMan::mfCreateShaderResources: MAX_REND_SHADER_RESOURCES hit

As I understand it, there is some kind of limit of objects (textures) that can be present at the level, after which this error appears.
What console command can I increase these limits or disable checking for?

At the moment I don’t even upload 30% of the map I wanted and already faced this problem.

Re: Too many objects in scene - Shander Manager error (MAX_REND_SHADER_RESOURCES)

It's not about FPS, I ran the level on very powerful machines and with FPS 100+ I had a problem MAX_REND_SHADER_RESOURCES
may be the fact that there is a limit to the use of memory, given that the project can be built for consoles where it is limited?
I would like to disable these limits
not sure if there is a limit but it's possible, how many dp and shadowgen you have in editor? also u shoulkd try use debug cvars to see if you have something exceed ... ling+Tools




Re: Too many objects in scene - Shander Manager error (MAX_REND_SHADER_RESOURCES)

The maximum render shader resources is hard-coded to 16384. This is a performance limitation and is an indication that you are using too many material/shader variations in your scene.
Perhaps you can tell us more about any run-time logic you have that may be affecting shader parameters?
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