Custom Normal Decals Issue ( Star Citizen like Pipeline )

I have been having a real hard time with Cryengine.

Cryengine 5 ( the latest version )

I have a material which has three sub ID ( 1 for main textures, 1 for decal details, 1 for collusion thing )

The decal polygons are part of the mesh and they are placed at the exactly the same place where they are separated.

When I set the decal ID to render as decal, all of a sudden the polygons that have this decal material offset among their normal in a specific amount, no matter how big the mesh is.

Please help me!! I am stuck !!!
the decal is off
noDecal.PNG (1.57 MiB) Viewed 1192 times
the decal is on
decal.PNG (1.59 MiB) Viewed 1192 times

Re: Custom Normal Decals Issue ( Star Citizen like Pipeline )

The decal shader is designed to be used with the decal entity.
Have you tried setting the opacity to 99 in the material settings using the illum shader for your decal textures?

Perhaps you can explain a bit more of what you are trying to do and how the model is setup?
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