Problem with getting character from 3ds max to cryengine

Hi guys, I am working on a character, a remake from zelda the wind waker’s Ganondorf.
My goal is to make it a playable character in Cryengine.
I tried many things to port it from 3ds max to cryengine. I tried to convert it to a .fbx file and export it, but some parts are missing in the .fbx model, when I open it in the cryengine character tool.

Exporting the model in 3ds max to a .fbx file and viewing it with animation works fine in 3ds max or maya.

I also tried to export it with the cryexporter tool in 3ds max, but somehow I can’t export the model with the skeleton, when I try to export it as an .cga. And if I don’t include the skeleton, I can’t see the model in the animation editor either.

I never really worked with this tools before, but I tried the deer example files, and they worked fine.

Eventually I would like to attach the .fbx or .max file, but I don’t know how.
This error do I get, when I try to export it as a .chr
error.png (28.3 KiB) Viewed 1784 times
This is how it looks like originally
t-pose-original.png (48.4 KiB) Viewed 1784 times
ganon t-pose.png
This is how the .fbx model looks like in Cryengine
ganon t-pose.png (52.27 KiB) Viewed 1784 times

Re: Problem with getting character from 3ds max to cryengine

Use google drive or dropbox to upload the file and share the file.You will get an link and post it here.So I can open it.Seriously I will help you to solve this.I think you have a small problem with binding the mesh with the skeleton.
When you working on a own project then how do you use this character?Are you willing to use this character model as the player?or only as a animated character in the game?
Vishwajith Weerasinghe

Re: Problem with getting character from 3ds max to cryengine

Great.Let me check it.
However you can't use a custom model as the player of own project.You should make sure the skeleton valid and must bind the bones with script.You can observe this using the GAMESDK source code.You can get it via Github Repo of crytek. (Gamesdk release)
It is little bit difficult if you are a beginner.You can follow a good tutorial on the forum page , viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1421
Vishwajith Weerasinghe

Re: Problem with getting character from 3ds max to cryengine

Hey make sure you input all items of the character when character tool editor and shader settings.Additionally I can say Maya is easy for cryengine if you like.
First try to use a simple human and check is it working as a player.Then move to your special character.It is the best way for debugging the errors.
According to your 3d max file you have divided the mesh into several parts but it is good if combine some meshes together.
Did you make own skeleton for this or what is it?

I think biped method is easy.Observe overall behavior of the character part in gamesdk.
Vishwajith Weerasinghe

Re: Problem with getting character from 3ds max to cryengine

Hey, yeah I selected all the parts of the character, when I tried to export it, expect the skeleton because that didn't work.
It would already satisfy me, if I could export the character to the engine, like it worked with the deer file. I don't have to use it as a playable character yet, it's just a test, because I have also more models to put in the engine.
The skeleton was already made by another guy for me.

Re: Problem with getting character from 3ds max to cryengine

I have successfully re-built and exported your model into cryengine.However I did it using maya because of lower knowledge in 3dMAX.If you have MAYA then you can do this as I mention.
1. First I made a skeleton for the model it doesn't have any facial bones and fingers bones.Only simple skeleton for the model and just fine.
2. I combined some meshes and separated some other meshes into relevant pieces.
3. Then I rigged the model.
4. Then I used game exporter option of MAYA.It gave me a opportunity for exporting all items as a FBX file which is necessary for cryengine.
5. Opened CE 5.5 and opened Asset Browser.Imported the fbx file into Asset browser.It produced all possibilities such as .skin files,.chr file,.mtl file,.caf files like that.It also produced the .cdf file which is used for define a character in the sandbox.
6. Then opened character tool and loaded that cdf file and edited it for adding skin files.
6. Finally saved.Now it works in cryengine sandbox.

You need to make a relevant script and game.dll for binding the character for working with keypad.
ganin.png (220.76 KiB) Viewed 1599 times
ganon_files.png (36.54 KiB) Viewed 1599 times
ganon_properties.png (11.07 KiB) Viewed 1599 times
Vishwajith Weerasinghe

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