Re: Which one is better to use for canvas etc (performance issue)? Geom Caches or Cloth Merged Mesh Deform

It depends how dynamic you want it to be,

If it is a simple static object, simply model it statically.
If you want a semi-physical animation that should react to the wind and breezes, then the merged mesh deform feature is the way to go.
If you want some static animation (non physical), a geom cache can give good results, but depending on the complexity of the animation it can cause higher memory and cpu usage.
And of course if you want physical interactions, you will want the full cloth setup with bone joints etc.

I have not benchmarked this, but I believe Geomcache can be heavy on memory, where as merged mesh deform can be heavy on cpu (depending on complexities and other specifics ofc).
The merged mesh is probably cheaper if done correctly imo.
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