Want to create a procedural river that will be released as a FOSS need a hand

Hello there!

My goal is clear:
I want to create a Procedural River assets that will be
-) Free
-) Open Source

I need a hand because I've never done something like this, what should I use in a way to do it?

Thank in advance

I think some info is required:
I have C/C++/Java/C# experience due to IT engineering degree, I have some UE4 and CE5 experience(I switch to them some time ago after they went with their new policy and a lot of courses, as the Udemy one, and tutorials)
I do know so a bit of thing about CE4 and I'm willing to learn!

I want to make this for both personal usage and "something to achieve", the FOSS part is due to my background as a Modder and Linux lover, I don't mind not making money with it!

But I completely, utterly sucks at the graphical/artistic part that's why I asked here because if someone told me "hey buddy you just need to look here/here/here, no 3d/2d things needed" I would have been glad to know I could do it!

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