3Ds Max Biped Animation Export Locomotion Issue in Mannequin


i hope someone can help me out? :)

i have a little problem and i don't know how to solve it. I want to integrate new animations for the SDK_Player Character.
So far i have animated the SDK_Player Character in 3Ds Max. After that i imported the necessary files to cryengine.

Inside the character editor the animation looks right.

Inside the mannequin the animation translates the character away from the origin and also does'nt take my animated
rotation into account.

Same animation different results.
AnimationWrongInMannequin_crop.jpg (1001.36 KiB) Viewed 131 times

I noticed that if i turn on Animation Driven in the character editor the Animation looks wrong but the same as in the mannequin.

I don't know where to fix this. Is it in the animation itself? Does mannequin have a hidden magic button?
I have to animate the Bip01 Bone to animate the Position and a forward fall rotation of the character, but i don't want mannequin to take
that as a Locomotion translation vector.

Please help me, thanks :)


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