Re: Animate Character Blendshapes

Thanks Cry-Flare.
But this is not the answer on my Question. I have asked how to access my 35 Blendshapes in the Engine?....or in Trackview where can i manipulate these Blendshapes?

I Have read the docs and in 3D max i know we must create Points and connect these with our Morph.
Then you can make an Animation in 3DS Max and export to CryEngine..and ya, the Animation play.

But you must export your Skin File over the cryExporter in Max. If you make an FBX this is not working.
The Information how to move the Blendshapes are in the Skin File you export. OK.

My exported Skin from 3DS Max to Cry (who play my Animatet scene) dissorts my Model.
I have huge artefacts in it. If i make a FBX and drag/drop all is OK, but Morphs not Playing.

What i have done:
I save my Model to FBX and Import in the Engine then all seems OK. Model OK!
In Character editor i have my Blendshapes, i have no disortion in my model. I can Move the slider with override Blendshapes and my model make it.

And my simple Question or complicated question is...
how the hell can i access the blendshape sliders without predefined Animations from Max or Maya???
Or give me a hint how to kill the dissortion (squares on model)

working with cry is mostly frustrating and i think 80% Cry Testers leave cryengine after trying a little bit.

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