Fix Errors & Warnings - Imported assets CE 5.5 preview 2

Hello, Firstly, if I put this thread into wrong category I'm sorry.
I've just imported assets from Humble Cryengine Bundle, and I want to know if there's any way to fix all problems like undefined surface types etc, 'cause I'm still quite new to cryengine and I just can't figure this out.
Aside from that I am also experiencing various problems with imported assets from GameSDK - When I import textures and objects from GameSDK to by project my Editor freezes everytime when I want to select or create new level, also it freezes when I select particular objects in brush tool.
Thanks for all advices.

Re: Fix Errors & Warnings - Imported assets CE 5.5 preview 2

Hi there,

For missing materials and/or textures you should get some errors in the console window regarding these. It should mention what file is missing/it is having trouble finding.
You may also want to remove any .cryasset files and regenerate meta-data via the Asset Browser or .cryproject context menu.

If you are experiencing crashes consistently relating to specific assets could you mention which ones? This way we can have our QA team try to reproduce the issue and track it internally.

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