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I may just be an idiot, but whenever I export textures for CRYENGINE 5 from Substance Painter 2, the textures end up looking almost whitewashed.

It may be settings for the material, or maybe export settings, but I cannot get the export to work correctly at all. If someone could tell me proper SP2 export settings or some other fix, I would be very grateful. I want to use CRYENGINE 5 for my studio's next game, but I don't think we can if we cannot make materials.

Here are some screencaps of what it should look like, what it does look like, and what the material settings are:
In CE5
Screenshot_2.png (89.13 KiB) Viewed 2892 times
Material Settings
Screenshot_3.png (86.69 KiB) Viewed 2892 times
In SP2
Screenshot_1.png (125.95 KiB) Viewed 2892 times

Re: Substance Painter Export

Easiest methos is just export the textures without any engine presets.. documents channels +normal +AO no alpha. The cryrngine setting typically exports a very pale normal map which needs copy pasting ovr it's seflf until it removes transparency..
you will need to adjust the brightness by eye as it will be affected by tod and level lighting. Select the green chanel of the normal map and invert it. Just export your textures from photoshop and away you go. ;)
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Re: Substance Painter Export

Smoothness = 255
In the alpha of the normal map needs to be gloss map.
To correctly export it is better to use option
Document channel + Normal + Ao (no alfa)
and then collect the textures in photoshop.
Yes, and and instead of a specular map you can use the map albedo.

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