[CEVPlayer] - Video player plugin for CRYENGINE V


CEVPlayer - plugin for CRYENGINE V allowing you to play video on the screen and on the game objects

Available on GitHub
Latest release here
Marketplace here

It's includes :
* Flowgraph nodes for creating video player (Screen video / Texture video)
* VideoPlayerComponent for easy integration with new components system
* Schematic functions for easy creation schematic entitys with video player component
* Example project for fast study functionality
* Full source code
* Absolutly free license

Additional information
Warning №1 : CEVPlayer uses code of Libav licensed under the LGPLv2.1
Warning №2 : CEVPlayer can play video only in .webm format
Warning №3 : All video files should be in `Videos` folder
Warning №4 : TextureVideoPlayer not playing audio - use audio triggers for this
Warning №5 : Don't use for TextureVideoPlayer video in very hight resolution - it's can be perfomance problems (optimal HD and low)
Warning №6 : Don't play video when level loading - you game will be crash!

* Add ability to play video when level loading (Problem with blocking OnPostUpdate event)
* Maybe create special shader for YUV->RGBA conversion
* Audio triggers for in-game video

WIKI and lessons
Please see WIKI
Fast study functionality with example project

GitHub community
I will be happy with any help from the community, so I'm waiting for your pull requests
If you have any problem with this plugin please use GitHub issues

If you need more from me, write me directly to my email : chernecoff@gmail.com
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Re: [CryVideoPlayer] - Video player plugin for CRYENGINE V

Absolutely fantastic stuff chernecoff!

I have had to remove the link directly to the external binaries for 5.3 as we don't allow this due to security risks, this is a blanket rule we enforce. Source code is perfectly fine and I would advise to add the binaries to your marketplace submission. You can submit the marketplace asset again with the extra binaries/revised folder structure as necessary and our team will update your submission for you.
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