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Hi, Victor Ek here!
Throughout my time in the texturing and modeling scene I've changed programs and grown as an artist. I started working with Substance Painter last year and searched around for an export preset for CRYENGINE. There was a huge lack so I checked out the CRYENGINE documentation ( but didn't find any info that helped me. This was mostly because I was very new to the professional texturing scene. So I put my head into it and studied using tutorials and books to understand all of these "complicated" words. I realised that most teams don't want to pour in countless hours digging into documentations, looking for tutorials, and searching trough dead forum-posts. This might scare of some devs from using CRYENGINE. So I want to share my workflow from Substance Painter to CRYENGINE, to help shed some light on this topic.

(For this part I'll refer to the famous quote "A picture says more than a thousand words")

Importing the model: Image Selecting the right normal map computation: Image Export preset: (courtesy to: @ruckarucka for finding a problem with the preset) Image To keep the size of the 4-5 textures down, I usually make the _ddna, _displ, and _spec one texture-scale smaller. (example: if the diffuse texture is 4096x4096 I make the rest of the maps 2048x2048). I also turn on dilation infinite to be sure that the model wont have any leaks. In editor make the specularity color white (255, 255, 255) (optionally make it grey if you want the parts metal to be less shiny/reflective), otherwise the metalic parts of your model will look black or too dull. The smoothness is optional, but I usually do the same as the specularity setup.

I hope this helped you, and good luck with all of your projects!
(If you have any questions or results, feel free to leave them below)

-Victor EK

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