Substance Designer Integration

Seeing the growth of Substance materials in the texturing scene I would love to see Substance designer integration for CRYENGINE.
I already work with Painter but want to start use with Designer and integration would help a lot!
If you some of you Cryengineers are in need of a working export for Substance Painter, just leave a message letting me know!

Re: Substance Designer Integration

Hi, just wanted to say that I belive that this would be an important intergration to finish soon. Substance is texturing program that many use, including the CRYENGINE developers. My team use it and I know more teams that use it. If this would be finished soon, it would ease up a lot of developers work.


Re: Substance Designer Integration

Hey there!

You can check out our Suggestion & Idea List here and add new ones to the list. If you suggest a Substance integration for example and enough people vote on it, this is how we prioritize things in our development. Don't forget to vote on other interesting ideas and we will prioritize the ones with the most votes.
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